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Britain & Ireland

British Highlights (9060)
Scottish Outland Adventure (9070)
From Dublin to London (9040)
Highlights of Ireland & Scotland (9030)
Irish Discovery (9200)
The Best of Britain & Ireland (9010)
Grand Tour of Britain & Ireland (9050


Rome, Florence & Venice (6350)
The Splendors of Italy (6400)
Italian Showcase (6370)
Italy's Best (6390)
Gourmet Rome, Sorrento & Capri (6310)
NEW! Sicily (6280)
Gourmet Tuscany (6240)
Apulia, the Heel of Italy (6270)
The Magic of the Italian Lakes (6320)

Eastern Mediterranean, Greece & Turkey

Italy & Greece (6480)
The Best of Greece (6670)
Greece & Aegean Islands Cruise (6660)
NEW! Athens & 7 Night Idyllic Aegean Islands Cruise (6610)
NEW! Athens & 7 Night Eclectic Aegean Islands Cruise (6620)

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Sensational Spain (6870)
NEW! Madrid & Southern Spain (6890)
Lisbon, Seville & Madrid (6790)
The Best of Spain & Portugal (6820)
Spain, Portugal & Morocco (6830)
Highlights of Morocco (6780)
Mediterranean Flavors (6840)

The Netherlands & France

Best of the Netherlands (4820)
Paris, Normandy & the Loire (4750)
Grand Tour of France (4780)

Eastern, Central & Alpine Europe

Treasures of the Balkans & Transylvania (6710)
Scenic Slovenia & Croatia (6740)
NEW! Discover the Eastern Med (6730)
Venice, Slovenia, Croatia & Montenegro (6700)
Prague, Vienna & Budapest (6050)
Imperial Heritage (6030)
Central Europe (6070)
Portrait of Poland (6080)
Highlights of Germany (6040)
Alpine Adventure, Bernina & Glacier Express (6060)
Grand Tour of Switzerland (6020)
Scenic Switzerland by Train (6010)

Scandinavia, Baltics & Russia

Idyllic Iceland (6990)
Norwegian Fjords (6920)
The Viking Trail (4830)
Focus on Scandinavia (6910)
Northern Highlights & the Arctic Circle (6900)
The Baltic States, Russia & Scandinavia (6930)
A Taste of Russia (6970)
NEW! Russian River Cruise (6960)


Seven Countries, Venice & Paris (4420)
From St Paul's to St Peter's (5900)
From Rome to London (5910)
European Capitals (4760)
Europe's Highlights (4810)

Panoramas contd.

The Grand European (5210)

Cosmos Lite

Italian Explorer (7160)
Spanish City Explorer (7500)
Portugal Explorer (7560)
Nice to Lyon Explorer (7700)
Greece Explorer (7800)
England Explorer (7900)
Ireland Explorer (7920)

Terms & Conditions - Cosmos

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European Panoramas

Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium (HW)
The Best of Italy & France (HH)
Enchanting Europe (HM)

Russia, Baltic States, Scandinavia & Iceland

St Petersburg & Moscow (RX)
Warsaw, the Baltics & Helsinki (RQ)
Northern Capitals (ZT)
Scenic Norway (ZQ)
Land of Midnight Sun & Lofoten Islands (ZL)
The Scandinavian (ZS)
The Grand Scandinavian Circle Tour (ZN)
Gems of Iceland with Whale Watching (ZRS)
Gems of Iceland with Northern Lights (ZRW)
Iceland Adventure (ZR)

Britain & Ireland

Essential Britain (GC)
Bonnie Scotland (GG)
New! Scottish Highland Fling (GM)
Scottish Highlands & Islands (GJ)
Introduction to Ireland (GR)
From Ireland's Ancient East to the Wild Atlantic Way (GP)
New! Irish Manors & Castles (GO)
Emerald Isle (GH)
Scenic Ireland (GI)
Essential Britain & Ireland (GB)
Celtic Highlights (GD)


WWII D-Day Landing Beaches & Battle of Normandy (RW2)
French Sampler (RB)
Paris, Champagne & the French Countryside (RP)

Spain, Portugal & Morocco

Portugal in Depth (ZP)
Lisbon & Northern Spain (ZO)
Highlights of Spain & Portugal (ZZ)
Spectacular Spain (ZY)


Northern Italy's Highlights & Cinque Terre (LV)
Gems of Umbria & Tuscany (LT)
Italy's Great Cities (LJ)
Italian Tapestry (LS)
Italian Treasures (LK)
The Best of Italy (LB)
Hidden Treasures of Southern Italy (LN)
The Sicilian (LP)
Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy (LM)
New! Southern Italy & Greece (LG)

Alpine & Eastern Europe

Poland, East Germany & World War II (RV)
The Croatian (RZ)
The Best of the Balkans (RE)

Eastern Mediterranean, Greece & Israel

Classical Greece (RG)
Fascinating Israel (QC)

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Cosmos front cover